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"My Mum has been taking my 13month old to Mini Moosic for a few weeks now whilst I am at work. Today I was lucky enough to take him and I was blown away! I had genuine tears of joy to see how much fun Dexter was having. Georgina is so enthusiastic and the atmosphere is just phenomenal. I can't wait to go back and I am so pleased to know my little boy is having so much fun. Great value for money. Amazing class. Well done! And thank you!"

Sally, Mum of Dexter

"I have been taking my 17month old son to mini moosic when the classes first began. I would highly recommend it, he loves the classes and adores Georgina. It's so professional and a different theme every week. There are lots of different props used that are new and clean and keeps the toddlers interested throughout. It's a fantastic class and I love seeing my little one get so much enjoyment out of it."

Kate Fisk, mum of Jasper

"I have been in education for many years and I cannot recommend Mini Music highly enough. Georgina is engaging and makes learning fun. Her enthusiasm shines through. Each session has an exciting theme and is filled to the brim with lively, fun songs that really support your child's learning and development."

Gail Carpenter

"Having been a nanny for many, many years now I have visited a number of various music groups that are about, and I have to say that Mini Moosic is one of the best that I have attended, and is ideal for all pre-school children. Georgina has an abundance of enthusiasm which shines through and ensures that the children enjoy themselves whilst learning through musical play. To keep the children engaged the class is fast, flowing, and they are encouraged to dance, play the musical instruments and are free to explore. In addition there is a great use of props, such as teddy bears, parachutes, bubbles, and more which make the classes good fun, and I would highly recommend this to anyone with pre-school children!"


"Mini Moosic is THE best baby class in Billericay - it's very friendly, informal and educational. I've recommended the class to many mums I have met since becoming a mummy and will continue to do so!"