Mini Moosic CD

It's finally here! Our very first Mini Moosic CD- Songs for Moosical Play - full of songs you love to sing in your Mini Moos & Little Moos classes and all sung by Georgina herself!

Featuring the fun & educational songs you have grown to love at Mini Moosic. Catchy & engaging songs you can enjoy with your little one whilst supporting early language development.

Now you can learn and sing all your favourite Mini Moosic songs at home, in the car, just about anywhere!

What will it cost?

The CD costs £12

See full track listing below:

Presenting our very first CD jammed full of 20 little Moos & Mini Moos favourite songs to get everyone moving and grooving and wiggling and giggling.

Track listing:

1.Hello Song
2. Put Your Finger In The Air
3. Skidamarink
4. Slippery Fish
5. Mr Golden Sun
6. When I'm a Butterfly
7. Hickory Dickory...Crash!
8. I Am The Music Man
9. Five Little Monkeys
10. The Grand Old Duke Of York

11. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
12. Mystery Box
13. Spider On The Flooe
14. The Wheels On The Bus
15. I Can Sing A Rainbow
16. Little Peter Rabbit
17. There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea
18. Sleeping Bunnies
19. Zoom Zoom Zoom We're Going To The Moon
20. Goodbye Song

How to secure your copy of this first fantastic compilation of Mini Moosic songs.

Whether it is to introduce music to your bump, to soothe an anxious wriggly baby or keep a restless toddler entertained in the back of the car, we know you will all enjoy this brand new mini Moosic CD! You can order your copy directly at class where we will have copies available to purchase and take home.

You can also purchase this CD by emailing or using our Contact Form on our Contact page

CD Reviews

The Mini Moosic cd is brilliant. All of our favourite songs on one cd which we can now listen to away from the class. My daughters face lights up when she hears Georgina’s voice! Especially good for those long car journeys when the little ones get bored. Worth every penny :)

Jenna, Grace's Mum