Mini Moos

Who are Mini Moos classes for?

Mini Moos sessions are designed for young babies from newborn to around their 1st birthday once they are confidently walking. Is my baby too young? The younger the better....babies are hearing and responding to music right from inside the womb. One of their first senses to develop is hearing & rhythm (they have been listening to your heart beat inside the womb) and so they are ready to learn and it’s the best time in their development stage to come along. Music is a great shared activity and you’ll soon see your baby responding, imitating and joining in.

What happens in a class?

Mini Moos classes are about having fun, special time with your young baby helping them on their first Moosical learning journey. These sessions are a great way to bond, form special friendships with like-minded parents & carers and have fun together. Babies love Mini Moosic and you’ll love it too! And they are learning from it too. With our “Hello” and “Goodbye” songs at the beginning and end of each session, your baby quickly learns what to expect and recognizes when the class has finished. Although they can start the classes from a very young age, it is really amazing how much they learn very quickly. The theme of the session changes every week, although some songs are repeated, repetition being so vital at this age. There are songs for playtime (bouncing, tickling and peek-a-boo) and songs for other daily activities including clapping, counting & some sensory play. The sessions are around 45 minutes long, are fast-moving keeping their attention many parents comment on how their little one falls fast asleep shortly after the class after all the stimulation & brain activity! Sessions are relaxed: noisy babies, feeding babies, sleeping babies and active babies are all welcome!

Benefits for your baby

The classes are carefully structured to encourage early social skills, language development, co-ordination & movement as they copy other babies and have FUN! This is a great activity to do with your developing child and a very special time to enjoy & treasure.