Little Moos

Who are Little Moos classes for?

Little Moos classes are carefully designed especially for confident walkers up to 4 years. The aim of these classes is to teach basic aspects of music to young children, with the learning all still taking place through Moosical play!

What happens in a class?

This is a lively, fast-paced, interactive class as toddlers join in with actions, clapping, singing & dancing. Each class follows a structure but we don’t expect the little ones to sit still and we encourage them to respond to the music in the right way for them. Visual aids such as puppets, props, dancing & parachutes are an integral part of every session and are used to engage the children & encourage them to join in, copy & use their voices to sing & their bodies to dance. Basic musical concepts and skills are introduced & explored using a wide variety of musical instruments. Percussion time is always a favourite with the children all having the same instrument (for example drums or maracas), to collectively play as a group for some songs, but then with other songs they love to choose from a vast range of different instruments and can’t wait to make lots and lots of noise, experiencing lots of different musical sounds. Packed with anticipation, the children wait expectantly to see what is in the Mystery Box or who is in the Puppet Bag each week. With rhythm time, musical games & parachute play & exciting themes each week, your child will enjoy a full & active role in their Mini Moosic class.

Benefits of Little Moos classes

Little Moos classes help support your child’s speech & language development, numeracy, physical development & social skills as well as giving them confidence, encouraging self-expression and providing wonderful fun.