About Mini Moosic

My career for the last 10 years has been in childcare, working in nurseries, schools and caring for children on a one-to-one basis. The age range of the children with whom I have worked, extends from newborn up to the age of 11.

I have gained a professional NVQ Level 3 qualification in Early Years Childhood Development and am constantly adding to my knowledge of this critical learning period of childhood.

After the birth of my son, I knew I wanted to continue my involvement with child development and decided to utilise all of my experience to create a happy, fun environment where parents and carers can bring their babies and toddlers to learn and develop through the medium of music. This is how Mini Moosic began and I would love to welcome you to come and join in the fun with us.

Hi my name is Lauren Hope. My love for music and performing started at the age of 7 and I now have over 20 years of experience in performing arts. I hold a diploma in Musical Theatre from Colin's Performing Arts College and have performed in a variety of roles ranging from West End theatres to film and TV.

I was introduced to Mini Moosic 2 years ago when it first opened it's doors. My niece was one of the first attendees and would often spend hours singing the songs at home. After being made redundant from my previous employment, I met with a very pregnant Georgina who was looking for a fellow mad Mini Moosicer to join the team!

I like to bring an enthusiastic, energetic and exciting approach to our classes in order to help our Mummies have even more fun during that precious one to one time with their babies. I have developed quite a fanbase with my Mini Moosicers and putting a smile on their faces makes this the most rewarding job in the world!

Mini Moosic FAQ's

What is Mini Moosic?

Mini Moosic is a fun, friendly & interactive music class for babies, toddlers & pre-school children. Mini Moosic consists of 2 classes – Mini Moos, for Newborns to walkers and Little Moos, for walkers to 4 year olds.

Mini Moosic classes provide babies and toddlers with an early introduction to music through songs, rhymes, percussion instruments and movement.

What made you set up Mini Moosic?

For the past 10 years I have worked with children in a variety of roles – in nurseries, schools and family settings. I have gained a professional NVQ Level 3 qualification in Early Years Childhood Development and am constantly adding to my knowledge of this critical learning period of childhood. After the birth of my son I wanted to continue working in this field but wanted to also be able to be a very hands-on mum. I find continuing my career in this way allows me the flexibility I need. I feel very lucky that I am able to do something that I am so passionate about as my job. I get such enjoyment & personal-fulfilment from all the classes that I take & I am always striving to create the very best class content & environment for all the wonderful families & children I have in attendance.

I’m proud of the warm, friendly & welcoming atmosphere I have created at Mini Moosic – as a local Mum myself, I know how important having a local network is. It is an absolute joy to watch the little ones at my classes flourish each week, gaining confidence, mastering new skills, learning new songs, developing all manner of physical & social-emotional skills and, most of all, having lots & lots of fun!

How is Mini Moosic good for a child’s development?

Mini Moosic supports your little ones development in a huge number of ways, and babies can respond to music from their earliest moments.

Music is so meaningful for babies because they have been listening to the rhythm of a heartbeat since they could first hear sounds in the womb. Babies from birth can follow a beat, and notice when a beat changes.

By learning music in a group, our classes help increase confidence, improve problem solving, help develop relationships between parents/carers and children and lets even the youngest children tap into their creative side.

The interaction with other children while at Mini Moosic develops social skills and helps children make new friends. Our nursery rhymes and songs help develop vocabulary. Playing percussion instruments in the classes fosters dexterity and provides an early introduction to all things moosical!

How long has Mini Moosic been running?

I first created the concept of Mini Moosic in Summer 2013 with the very first classes opening in September 2013. Over the last 4 months, the classes have excelled all my expectations. We have several little ones who have been in attendance since our very first classes and who continue to renew their classes as they still enjoy them just as much and their carers really feel they are learning and growing as a result of the weekly classes.

How many people work for the company, where is it based, and where can people find the classes?

I run all the Mini Moosic classes myself with some much-appreciated voluntary help from my Mum with babysitting and admin.

My baby boy Zach also plays a vital role in the business – regularly “test-driving” new songs and music!

Originally Mini Moosic started as 2 classes – one for babies and another for toddlers & pre-schoolers. Within a few weeks of opening the class numbers had grown so that I opened another class and recently, due to popular demand, I have opened a further 4 classes.

Mini Moosic classes currently run in Billericay in St Mary Magdalen Church on Billericay High St.

Do you have children? How old are they?

I have a son Zach who has just turned 1. He has been a huge inspiration for me while creating Mini Moosic and has been there by my side every step of the way which is the real beauty of running your own business. He has come to be known as the Mini Moosic mascot & I know I’ve hit on a good song choice when I’m singing & dancing at home & he is giggling away at me!

What are your long term plans for Mini Moosic?

At the moment I am really working on getting the local Billericay community aware of Mini Moosic as a new baby & toddler music class that offers a really intimate & personal touch to all who come through our doors.

My long term goal is to open more Mini Moosic classes in South Essex – allowing many more little ones to experience these engaging classes. While I would like to see the classes expand, I want to be very careful that I retain the unique dynamic of Mini Moosic and keep the personal feel that I work hard to achieve. My priority is to keep Mini Moosic classes personal, imaginative & fun.

Mini Moosic also offers fantastically fun & engaging birthday parties for children aged 1-5 and also parties for different celebratory occasions such as Easter, Halloween & Christmas. A typical party includes party games, favourite songs and fantastic props – all tailored to the age of the party guests. Inviting Mini Moosic along to your little one’s special day means we can do all the hard work and you can actually enjoy playing at the party with your child! We have already put on several awesome birthday parties and look forward to many more celebrations this year.

This year I have also been given the opportunity to introduce Mini Moosic once a week into a local nursery which I am so thrilled about.

Tell us something personal about yourself that readers may find interesting.

I am not a born or bred Essex girl! Up until I met my husband I lived in London & Berkshire and was quite unsure about moving to the unknown fields of Essex! However, I am so happy I made that move as I have made so many precious friends since moving to Billericay & feel so at home here. The local community feel is so special here and it is a truly wonderful place to live as a new Mum.

Something people may not know is that I love baking – even before the “Bake-Off” craze - I dabbled in cupcake making for a while, before my husband put a stop to that as the piles of baking pans and dusting of icing sugar over our kitchen all got too much!

Other hobbies have been put on hold since the birth of my son Zach – who is completely time-consuming…….in the best possible way. He is very tolerant of me bouncing my new ideas for Mini Moosic off him!

Last year was an absolute whirlwind for me – having my scrumptious baby boy, setting up Mini Moosic & receiving such a wonderful response for the classes, getting engaged & organising a wedding in under 3 months and finishing off the year with a very special Christmas wedding! I can only hope that 2014 is as jam-packed with wonderful surprises, tonnes of hard work, plenty more giggles with my boy and fun, laughter, wriggles & giggles at Mini Moosic.